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I was born in San Francisco. When I was 13 we moved to a commune in Santa Cruz. I'm French & Black Irish. A nomad and a yesmad. I've been a gleaner and a thrifter all my life.

Some of my past endeavors: I owned a vintage clothing shop in Santa Cruz, sold vintage clothing in a shop on Rue de Seine in Paris for a few years, organized painting vacations for groups of people in the South of France, owned a vintage furniture shop in Los Gatos, designed interiors from flats in San Francisco to villas in Italy, was a pirate radio DJ - my favorite.

Among my design influences I include growing up in San Francisco in the 60s, the Santa Cruz punk scene, my time spent around gypsy musicians and circus performers in Paris, and everything else in between.

I have a lovely white piano from the 1860s and just knowing it's there makes me sleep better at night.


gardening, so much music: the clash, the pogues, johnny cash, otis redding, stevie wonder, tom waits, dolly parton, manu chao, puccinni, cheb kaled, orchestra baobab, mano negra, nusrat fateh ali khan, and so much more. I love films (see list at left, although not updated for a while) and masterpiece theater. I need good food: Thai, Indian, Mexican... French pastries, and Italian coffee. I crave books. I'm happiest when I'm creating and designing.
P.S. My bio is subject to change daily. Je suis une GĂ©meaux!